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Prices below are for service/labor charges. Parts/Accessories not included


This burrito is good, but it's filling!

Customer favorite. This is our basic tune-up service and our annual recommended health and safety check. Keep things fresh and rolling smooth this season.

  • Brake Adjustment

  • Brake pad replacement as needed

  • Derailleur/shifting adjustment

  • Bearing adjustment or pre-load where necessary

  • Drive-train wear assessment

  • (chain replaced if reads 75% wear or more)

  • Cables and housing replaced (where needed)

  • Tubes and or Tires replaced as necessary.

  • Lube chain 

  • Inflate tires to recommended psi

  • Check anchor bolts and fasteners

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We'll supersize that!

Get all the goodies that come with the Salsa-Fresca, plus:

  • Brake Bleed and/or Dropper post bleed

  • Repack/replace bearings where needed (headset, bottom bracket, hubs)

  • Check wheel tensions/Minor wheel true

  • Bike wash and drive train clean

  • Service or repair parts/accessories as needed (mirrors, fenders, computers, kickstands etc)

  • Check suspension pressure and look for wear.

  • Replacement of worn drive-train components (Cassette/freewheel, chainrings/sprockets, derailleur pulleys etc)

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Full Meal Deal!

This service level is the full meal deal and includes everything from the Salsa-Fresca and The Dirtbag, but also covers:

  • Front/Rear Suspension service (basic or full upon assessment(send-away might be required))

  • Dropper post service (adjustment, basic service or overhaul upon assessment)

  • Suspension pivots/bearings serviced/replaced where needed

  • Drive train components replaced as needed

  • Fresh sealant where appropriate

  • Brake overhaul - piston cleaning, seal replacement as needed,

  • Complete hub/bottom-bracket/headset service or replacement where needed.

  • Replace worn parts/components/accessories

  • Deep drive-train and spa cleaning treatment.

  • Major wheel repair/tuning and replacing spokes, hubs, rims where needed

  • Pedal bearing service (where appropriate)

  • Light/Computer batteries replaced as needed

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