Learn how to Fix your own ShiFt!

NEW! Co-Ed Clinics coming soon!

As Covid restrictions ease, we are getting closer to being able to offer our in-house clinics again. 

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NEW! Youth Clinics coming soon!

We've added "youth wrench" clinics to our offering. Ages 10 to 16

Currently offering 4 clinics.

  • Wenches Intro - Fixing a Flat Part 1

  • Wenches - Fixing a Flat Part 2 : Tubeless Repair

  • Wenches Level 1- Chains: How to repair a Broken Chain/installing a Chain. Trouble-shooting shifting issues and identifying wear. 

  • Wenches Level 2 - Derailleurs Demystified! Part 1: Front Derailleurs

  • Wenches Level 2 - Part 2: Rear Derailleurs

  • Wenches Level 3 - Cant stop Wont Stop! Part 1: Adjusting Brakes

  • Wenches Level 3 - Part 2: Bleeding Brakes


Basic and Intermediate Bicycle Mechanic Clinics

Wenches with Wrenches and Wine: Ladies only Bicycle Mechanic clinics