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Our History

I fell into the world of cycling by luck. In a little hamlet 20km outside of Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta, I was watching TV on a Saturday (after my fill of cartoons) and stumbled across the 1999 Womens world cup mountain bike race in Canmore. This was my very first exposure to mountain biking. A year later I joined the DirtGirls Mountain bike club with my Mom. There started the journey. As we fumbled our way through the rankings and events, breaking bikes and parts, we would often chat about opening our own Bike Shop.

Fast forward to today, 17yrs of riding, racing, wrenching and coaching all things bikes. Here we are, in our 9th year as a friendly neighborhood bike shop.

Oh, and here's the link to the results archive from that 1999 world cup. I even have a signed Jersey from the legendary rider in 1st place!


Our shop is as much the people as it is a place.

Shift Happens Team.png


More than just good looks

This small but mighty band of misfits are the heart and soul of Shift Happens Bicycle Repair. Each individual brings to the table a healthy balance of skill, experience, work and play. Life is too short to be too serious. Have fun. Ride Bikes.

Salsa and Mangey team headshot.jpg


Basically a Knight and a Valkyrie

Denis Poirier's skill-set is as big as his smile! 

He's a retired airplane mechanic with a passion for bicycles and has been riding bikes since before you were born. He's a kind and welcoming soul that has added nothing short of exceptional work and service quality to the shop. We're grateful to have Denis, aka "Salsa-Fresca" as part of our team and tribe. 

Judy Harlton (aka Mangey) : CO-Owner, Wrench and Sales. She has an excellent eye for bicycle style and performance. Not only does she bring the muscle to the shop, but she is also responsible for it's addictive and energetic environment. Leading an inspiring life of health and fitness, this sassy minx has loads of riding experience and knowledge to add to the magic of this little small town bike shop. 

pepper head shot.jpg


Shop Owner, Lead Wrench

Pepper Harlton (aka Dirtbag) started racing bicycles at age 15 and has been immersed in the cycling world ever since. Her background includes a BPED where she minored in Coaching and worked with grassroots cycling development. She's UBI certified and has been wrenching on bikes for almost 15 years. Her desire to share her passion for bikes and do what she loved, day-in-day out is what motivated her to open up a bike-shop with her Mom.

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