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Wanted: Shifty Trail Ambassadors

Do you routinely spend time on the Devon Trail System?

If you are a loving and regular trail user, we want you to be a Shifty Trail Ambassador.

This isn't just for people who bike. If you run, or walk, or snowshoe, or ski on the trails in Devon, then you qualify.

Do you walk your dog in the Devon river valley?


What is a Shifty Trail Ambassador?

Shifty Trail ambassadors are trail enthusiast that voluntarily contribute to the community by improving or adding value to the trail systems. This includes, but is not limited to

  • Providing regular trail reports to us (Shift Happens) so that we can pass it along on our social media platforms and help keep people informed.

  • Identifying area's that need maintenance/attention

  • Advocate for trail use in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner

  • Offer assistance, advice or directions to other trail users

This is for all seasons. Do you snowshoe in the Devon River Valley?


Super Simple. You love the trails and we love you for loving the trails.

So this is pretty easy. You already love the trails and use them all the time. We want to make your trail experience a little better. Provide us with trail reports and include a photo or two, and we'll hook you up with some swag. The more you report, the more you'll gain points towards more swag/prizes.

Keep enjoying your favorite Devon trails and start accumulating some fun swag. Not only will you have more excuses to hit the trails more often, but you'll be helping us keep residents and visitors up to date on the trail conditions.

What's your favorite Devon trail? We want to know about it everytime you go out!


How do you get in on this?

Email and tell us why you would be a good Shifty Trail Ambassador.

This isn't a job, or a contract. We just want to help promote and celebrate the Devon trail system and provide a little incentive to those who can help us deliver the content.

Our expectations are quite flexible. We are looking for a minimum of 1-trail report/week. Every time you provide a report, you'll accumulate points towards earning some swag.

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